Addressing Diversity Issues

Why Race Matters

Research documents that many members of minority groups fear, or feel ill at ease with, the mental health system.
- Surgeon General's Report
US Dept. Health & Human Services, 1999

Dr. Williams has been working to improve cultural-competence in mental health care for many years. She has published important research in the areas of ethnic minority mental health and barriers to treatment. She teaches Multicultural Psychology to undergraduate and graduate students. She provides workshops on cultural competency to therapists, medical students, and allied professionals. She currently has a grant from the American Psychological Foundation Visionary Grant entitled "Reducing Microaggressions and Promoting Racial Harmony," that she is completing in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Washington and Bastyr University.

Cultural Consultations

The therapeutic relationship is a critical aspect of psychotherapy based on the compatibility of the client and clinician. The effectiveness of therapy is associated with the clinician’s ability to communicate with and understand the client's perspective and cultural background. Although the majority of clinicians understand the importance of delivering culturally-informed services, few receive adequate training to enable them to do so. Dr. Williams is available to consult with any clinician with questions about the assessment or treatment of individuals from different ethnic or racial groups.

Enhancing cultural competence is an ongoing process for all clinicians. And because it is essential to successful clinical practice, cultural consultation benefits clients and clinicians alike. Yet, many clinicians may have limited resources for seeking consultation on cultural concerns, and others may feel vulnerable in seeking cultural consultation. This resources is an opportunity for to discuss the role of culture(s) and cultural identities in work with specific clients in an environment that is friendly, welcoming, and dedicated to your ongoing growth as a clinician.

Dr. Williams consults with researchers in the implementation of culturally-informed research design and to improve minority inclusion in research samples. She also consults with departments and organizations to increase diversity and facilitate an improved racial environment.

Help for Racism-Related Stress and Trauma

Dr. Williams is dedicated to providing culturally-competent services to her clients. She understands the cultural, social, and spiritual issues that shape the whole person. Experiences of racism and discrimination can lead to stress, anxiety, traumatization, and depression. Even low-levels of discrimination experienced on a regular basis can result in psychological unwellness. Anyone suffering as a result of such experiences can contact Dr. Williams to schedule an in-person evaluation or phone consultation for treatment at the Behavioral Wellness Clinic.

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